Ultra-secure hardware and
software that reduces
cyber security risks.

Discover how Ironclad's patented technology can close the door to security threats at home and abroad.

End point solutions that
secure data at its source

Discover how Ironclad's patented technology enhances
products and services.

Telecommunications solutions
that secure private conversations.

Discover how Ironclad's patented technology ensures privacy.

Business Model:

Ironclad Encryption intends to make this evolutionary advance in encryption technology available to other security technology vendors. These vendors currently sell data protection products and solutions; Ironclad Encryption will contract with them through the relationships of our management team for licensing.

Competitive Advantage:

Ironclad Encryption enjoys a competitive advantage because its technology does not directly displace existing products or services available in the market today: It enhances and adds new capabilities.

Ironclad Encryption

Ironclad Encryption brings innovation and next generation leadership to data encryption security. Our strategic and tactical data protection solutions strengthen existing encryption methods. Ironclad Encryption’s unique, patented technology may be used with both proactive and reactive techniques, helping our customers mitigate risk, manage compliance and achieve greater peace of mind.

Ironclad Encryption technology is an enhancement to secret key algorithms. Our solutions increase the effectiveness of current encryption products, making it virtually impossible to compromise stored and transmitted data.

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Morgan ChalfantJune 15, 2017 The identification of malware tied to a cyberattack on Ukraine last year is putting a renewed focus on threats to America’s electric grid. Security firms ESET and Dragos revealed the malware, dubbed “Crash Override” or “Industroyer,” this week. According to the researchers, the malware is only the second to be tailored to industrial control systems and developed and de...

Ironclad Encryption Corporation Engages with AOI to Co-Develop the ICE Box Secure Communication Appliance Enabling Secure Mobile Communications