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Our first products will enable secure telecommunications. Future data protection products will address the needs of enterprise and industrial customers.

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Secure Phones

We’re in the process of building ultra-secure mobile, ultra-rugged phones that will ensure absolute privacy.

Secure Gateway

Our recently-announced ICE Box SCA 1 (Secure Communication Appliance) ) is a telecommunications gateway that will connect Ironclad’s mobile handsets to PBX and call manager systems. Customers will also be able to install ICE BOX appliances at different locations to ensure the security of call traffic between the gateways. Use cases include secure connections between regional offices and between industrial physical assets and a designated office.

ICEMicro Context-Free, Natively-Secure Containers

Most software developers and IT professionals now realize that Docker containers have significant security vulnerabilities.  Container orchestration platforms and transport layer security protocols don't solve the problem completely, so various vendors have responded with different types of solutions.

What if securing inter-container communications were as easy as packaging an application in a secure container?  That was our question and that's why we created ICEMicro.

ICEMicro containers communicate with each other securely, out-of-the box. If you don't believe us, download one of our free images from Github and Docker Hub and try it.  Within 5 minutes, you'll be creating and testing ICEMicro containers.

Our ICEMicro Community Edition enables developers to:

  • Take ownership of application data security without the need for security expertise
  • Build, deploy, and run secure applications without the costs associated with legacy security strategies
  • Secure container communications between across disparate scheduling and orchestration platforms, IaaS services, transport-layer security protocols, and on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments
  • Secure communications between software, devices, or software and devices

The possibilities are virtually endless, which is why we've open sourced our initial product.

Discover all the tools ICEMicro contains and how it can be used in both simple and complicated environments.

Helmet2 The IronClad "Helmet" represents IRNC's (IRoNClad Encryption) commitment to your data security.