The Solution

Helmet IronClad Ironclad's innovative approach to encryption key management overcomes the limitations of existing key management systems without adding latency or performance overhead. We enhance existing encryption methods including AES and 3DES so you can be confident that your data is always protected.

Continuous Key Generation

Ironclad's Dynamic Encryption technology eliminates the single point of failure problem inherent in single-key encryption techniques. Our key management system continuously generates synchronous keys between the sender and receiver. Each key is assigned to a small amount of data so if a hacker were to access one of hundreds of millions of keys, the amount of data he would obtain would be virtually useless.


Our key management system includes a redundant encryption channel. If one channel were compromised, the second channel would maintain encryption integrity.


We built in tolerance, so if a cell phone call or data packets drop due to a faulty network connection, for example, the keys remain synced between the sender and receiver.

Data Access Control

Ironclad Encryption provides fine-grain access control. Customers can put "rings" around a desktop computer, laptop, or server to control data access. For example, a team of people operating within a ring could be authorized to view documents but not allowed to download or transfer those documents. In addition, the rings support multifactor authentication and they can be used to enforce multiparty authorization by 2 to 64 parties.

Flexible Configurability

Ironclad's key management system is completely configurable so customers have the flexibility to decide how often the keys change, how much data keys are associated with, and which multi-factor authentication mechanisms will be used. We also allow you to specify how many individuals are required for multiparty authorization and whether those authorizations must be simultaneous, sequential, geographic, etc.

Technology Agnostic

Ironclad Encryption is technology agnostic, so it can be embedded in any type of hardware, software, or network to protect data in motion and data at rest.

Low Overhead

Ironclad Encryption fortifies existing encryption methods and products without causing latency or performance degradation issues.